Suncoast Hospice Creates Empath Health to Bridge the Community to its Network of Care

Clearwater, Fla. – Suncoast Hospice has been an integral part of Pinellas County for more than 37 years; known for helping families by providing much needed care and support through their loved ones’ final moments.

What the vast majority of the community hasn’t known, however, is that Suncoast Hospice provides the Tampa Bay area with many programs to help families who are facing chronic and advanced illnesses long before they need hospice care. To bring awareness to their vast array of programs and further support more families in the community, Suncoast Hospice and its family of programs have created Empath Health.

As a member of Empath Health, Suncoast Hospice’s name will remain, that will not change.

Empath Health is an integrated network of care encompassing hospice, palliative home health and physician services, independent living assistance and day care for seniors, HIV services, and advance care planning. Additional programs and services are in development as well.

“The new name allows us to build on the reputation of a trusted healthcare partner of more than three decades in the Tampa Bay area and helps families to understand that we are truly there for them through many stages of life,” says President and CEO of Empath Health, Rafael J. Sciullo.

“We are well prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of those challenged by chronic and advanced illnesses. It is important that our name says we walk with you and that we understand and meet your needs with expertise, support and compassion.”

Empath Health and its members: Suncoast Hospice, Empath Home Health, Suncoast PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly), AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, Inc. (ASAP), Empath Choices for Care, Suncoast Hospice Foundation and Suncoast Hospice Institute will remain non-profit.

Member Suncoast Solutions, a service dedicated to hospice, palliative and home care computer technology and support will remain for-profit.

“The name Empath Health was chosen after much careful thought,” says Sciullo. “Empathy reflects concern and understanding for others. We will continue to provide the high-level, compassionate care our community has come to expect from us.”

About Empath Health
Empath Health is a not-for-profit integrated network of care that provides expert, life-changing health care to those with chronic and advanced illnesses. Empath Health includes hospice, palliative home health and physician services, independent living assistance and day care for seniors, HIV services and advance care planning. Contact Empath Health at 727-467-7423 or

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