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Grieving for your baby

The Suncoast Hospice Perinatal Loss Program focuses on families who experience a pregnancy loss, still birth or death of a baby shortly after birth. 

Perinatal Loss
Suffering the loss of a pregnancy or receiving the news of an impending loss is devastating. The emptiness and disappointment can challenge your faith in the future. But you are not alone. If you are dealing with the death of your unborn baby, our trained counselors provide specialized one-on-one grief counseling, family counseling and/or support groups.
Counseling support is available for any family affected by pregnancy loss. Services may begin when a diagnosis is made during pregnancy or after the delivery. In addition to counseling support, a referral may be made, if desired, to a perinatal loss doula, who is trained to provide comfort care to mothers during the birthing process.

Postpartum Loss
Suncoast Hospice is also available for families who have suffered the loss of a child shortly after birth, providing comfort, support and grief counseling for any member of the family who needs it.

Specialized Doula Program
If you have received news that your child will be stillborn, our specially trained doulas will support you physically and emotionally before, during and after the birth of your child. Our doulas also provide care kits that include a special baby book, keepsakes and resources for the father and other family members.

What happens when you call

When you call Suncoast Hospice, there’s always someone available to speak with you. Our professional hospice staff and trained volunteers have the expertise and knowledge to address your questions or concerns. 


Hear stories from those we serve every day and the lives that have been touched and healed by Suncoast Hospice programs.
Suncoast Hospice Pediatric Palliative Care

The Servo family wished to give their sweet-loving baby boy Owen the best care and quality of life at home. Owen suffered from a rare, terminal genetic condition, and they brought him home from the hospital but needed help.


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