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Counseling and support services are available to anyone in Pinellas County 

Grief Counseling and Support

Suncoast Hospice provides supportive counseling services for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one or during times of serious illness. These services are available as early as the time of diagnosis, through the duration of the illness and the grieving process.
Individual Grief Counseling
Grief can be as individual as the person experiencing it, so a one-size-fits-all approach to providing comfort isn’t effective. Meet one-on-one with a licensed counselor at one of our community service centers.
Grief Support Groups
A group setting allows you to share your story and find healing through a community of common experiences. There are a variety of support groups available in locations throughout Pinellas County. 
  • Widows & Widowers – Support for those who have lost a spouse or partner
  • Adult Daughters Who Have Lost a Mother – Helping daughters heal
  • Grief 101: Steps to Healing – An overview of grief and healing
  • Loss of an Adult Child – For parents who have lost an adult child
  • Grieving During the Holidays - For anyone coping with a loss during the holiday season
  • Mother's Day - Open to women grieving the loss of a mother or for anyone looking for support or a way to honor their mother's memory
Visit the Grief Support Calendar for dates and times.

Suncoast Hospice has additional, customized grief support groups on-going throughout the year that may not be listed here. Please call us for a complete list of available group grief support groups 727-467-7423.

Children & Families
The Suncoast Stepping Stones Program offers support programs for children who have lost a loved one or to families who have lost a child. Click here to learn more.

Finding hope after loss with Suncoast Hospice
grief support

Loss touches every part of our lives. You do not have to struggle through
it alone. Suncoast Hospice can provide grief support to anyone in our
community who has suffered the loss of a loved one.


Hear stories from those we serve every day and the lives that have been touched and healed by Suncoast Hospice programs.
Suncoast Hospice Grief Counseling and Support Pinellas County "Suncoast Hospice has helped me to grow in so many ways. Its grief support program gave me that place where I could find inner peace." ~ Mari


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Suncoast Hospice physicians Dr. Deidra Woods and Dr. Dorece Norris have received the Hospice Medical Director Certified credential by the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board.