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Starting the conversation

The best time to make decisions concerning your health care is while you are able to consider your wishes carefully and discuss them with your doctor, caregivers, family and loved ones.

Health emergencies and sudden illnesses happen. Having a plan that makes your healthcare wishes known is the best way to make sure you get the kind of treatment you want.

Having a plan also helps your loved ones make tough choices without having to worry whether they are doing the right thing for you.

Suncoast Hospice's Project GRACE can help.

Suncoast Hospice Care Centers

Suncoast Hospice has three care centers located throughout Pinellas
County. Our care centers are designed for the comfort of patients
and families.


Hear stories from those we serve every day and the lives that have been touched and healed by Suncoast Hospice programs.

Sometimes, in the midst of the darkness of dementia, moments of light shine through. Clara Witt experienced such a magical moment with her husband. He had severe dementia and was under Suncoast Hospice care that included music therapy. He spoke to her that day after months of silence.


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Suncoast Hospice and its family of programs President & CEO Rafael J. Sciullo shares exciting news about the creation of Empath Health in the Tampa Bay Times.

To bring awareness to their vast array of programs and further support more families in the community, Suncoast Hospice and its family of programs have created Empath Health, an integrated network of care.